Welcome to Not Sorry Apparel

What up doe! 

Not Sorry Apparel is a lifestyle brand motivated by the DIY spirit that drives Detroit. Taking cues from our beloved city, we're heavily influenced by Detroit artists and creatives, the hustlers, the movers and shakers. It's a place that prides itself on being unlike anything else and we like it that way. 

We create culturally relevant pieces for the unapologetically passionate, creative and independent. We're not afraid to do us. Just like Detroit, we never back down and we don't quit. We are #NotSorryAF. We create for those that embody Detroit style. Those that define their own normal and are uncomfortable in the boxes. We are more than a brand, we're revolution. 

We're about that local life. Our handmade apparel is produced by a local manufacturer and our upcycled gear is curated from pieces we find & recreate. All of our screens and patchwork are DIY. We value our community and believe that it's possible to create dope shit in the city we love with people we care about. So that’s what we decided to do.

We’re Not Sorry Apparel.