Behind the Scenes Story: Holiday Lookbook

We’re still pretty obsessed with our new Holiday Lookbook. The photos came out great (Shoutout to Emily Crombez, @emcrombez on IG) but you won’t believe how we pulled all of this together once you hear all of the behind the scenes dramaaa.


Just because it’s getting cold that doesn’t mean you can’t get flyyyyy. The collection focuses on warm and luxe pieces that keep you cute and cozy throughout the season. To pull this collection together we sourced clothes from all over the city and even received some great donations that we transformed into unique patches and pattern accents . We love staple outerwear pieces, especially if you live anywhere cold (ahem the D!) then you know that a dope coat can complete your look.

Okay, now that we got all the fashion stuff out the way, let’s get to the behind the scenes story you can’t see in the photos. We were soo pumped to shoot this at the Detroit Foundation Hotel, it’s fancy af ya’ll. Not only were we excited about the location but the models as well. The hotel graciously offered to let us shoot from 8am-9am on a Saturday morning and somehow we got everyone on board to meet at 7:45 am. Or so we thought… Around 6am we receive messages from both models letting us know they could no longer make it. (Mind you we spent a good chunk of time going through our inventory looking for the perfect pieces to compliment each model’s figures).

We scrambled trying to think of people we could call on so early on a Saturday morning. Let’s face it, our friends don’t really get up until brunch time. We racked our brains thinking of an alternative solution for bit longer then a lightbulb went off. Our co-founder Jessica threw her hair up in a messy bun and grabbed her makeup bag. “F-it, I’ll just do it,” she said at 7:15 am. She had no clue if the clothes we picked would work for her but we had enough safety pins to craft some shit if necessary.

We’re so into vintage blazers and suits! Slay in our Courthouse Wedding Suit- the lapel beading is everything.

We’re so into vintage blazers and suits! Slay in our Courthouse Wedding Suit- the lapel beading is everything.

After cutting off a cop in traffic, somehow we manage to make it to the hotel on time for the shoot. We meet with our photographer @emcrobez? and find the designated floor for our shoot. Outfit change after outfit change we start making photo magic. The dim light couldn’t even stop us. We managed to get through all of the looks we brought, even the items designated for our male model.

Behind the scenes with @emcrombez & @danceindetroit.

Behind the scenes with @emcrombez & @danceindetroit.

By the end of the shoot we were just happy we made it happen. We couldn’t believe how awesome the photos came out once we received the final edits! Even better, the response we received from the Not Sorry Crew was amazing and it has encouraged us to show up as ourselves even more and to share more with all of our supporters.

Long story short, don’t make excuses. It would’ve been much easier to simply reschedule but sticking to our deadline was more important. I hope this lil story encourages you all to do what you have to do it even when it’s inconvenient. Who knows, you make just make some magic!



Disclaimer: This message isn’t intended to shade the models (we love them, tbh) only to confirm our Not Sorry mantra.


Jessica Minnick