Small Business Saturday Should Be Everyday

Every year around Valentine’s Day you undoubtedly hear someone say, “Valentine’s Day should be everyday.” Well we don’t get too emotional about V-Day, but we certainly feel that way about Small Business Saturday. When you buy at local stores, that money stays in your community and creates a sustainable ecosystem right in your backyard.

The end of the year can be overwhelming and stressful for many. With holiday promotions starting sooner each year it seems, there’s an emphasis placed on gift giving, huge sales and fast-paced consumerism. Instead of purchasing from big box stores this holiday season, we’re asking you to think more local. Use your money to support your neighborhood’s economy.

We’re going to share some locally made products in our upcoming Holiday Gift Guide. We love when our gifts can be both thoughtful and mindful, so what’s better than supporting someone’s dream and business while also being thoughtful in your giving?

How will you support local small businesses in your community? Let us know in the comments below!

Jessica Minnick