Not Sorry Apparel's Holiday Gift Guide

It's that time of year again. We've rounded up a few of our favs to help you knock out that shopping list on a budget. It's ok we know you're last minute af but that doesn't mean you shouldn't grab something for yourself too!

Alley and Eye's unique sunglasses will have you feeling like a total bad ass rain or shine.

B'Juelz upcycles scrap leather to create dope fringe accessories & custom jewelry too. 

Bleu Bowtique carries an amazing selection of socks that you can't find in big box stores.

Flamingo Vintage has thee ugliest holiday sweaters and we're here for it-- all one of kind.

Orange Moon has the best scented sage to help clear those bad vibes, we're obsessed with the lavender flavor.

As always @notsorryapparel we've got one of kind sustainable pieces, dope patches, and we're introducing our NEW custom embroidery. We'll embroider whatever phrase you want on jeans or tees of your choice for $2/letter! We love when you want to purchase something authentic from us but encourage people to bring in some of their own items as well for personalization this holiday season. 


Not Sorry Crew


Detroit Startup Week Presentation Recap: “Modifying your Vision while Staying True to your Brand”

Creative Entrepreneurship.png

On Tuesday, May 23 we presented at Playground Detroit's workshop, "The Art of the Hustle" for Detroit Startup Week.

Our 5-minute presentation focused on "Modifying your Vision while Staying True to your Brand." 

Here's a recap of our key insights:

  • Your brand is essentially your core values. Every decision you make should relate back to your brand and align with those core values. 
  • Know where your brand valuation lies. This means know what is driving your customers to make a purchase. 
  • Your brand should be customer-centric. It's important to be able to modify your offering based on their changing needs and desires.
  • Study your customers. Find out what they love, where they hang out and what experiences they crave. 
  • Experience is the new marketing. It's important to communicate a consistent message to your customers through all 5 senses, with active touch points throughout the process. 
  • It's key to encourage your customers to be part of your brand's development. It makes them feel like they are a part of your process and they're more likely to remain loyal to your brand.
  • As you grow and add offerings to your product development mix, make sure they align with your brand/core values. 

Thanks to Playground Detroit for including us in this wonderful workshop! We had a great time and learned a lot from our peers who presented, too.

Check us out on Instagram at @notsorryapparel. 

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Welcome to Not Sorry Apparel

What up doe! 

Not Sorry Apparel is a lifestyle brand motivated by the DIY spirit that drives Detroit. Taking cues from our beloved city, we're heavily influenced by Detroit artists and creatives, the hustlers, the movers and shakers. It's a place that prides itself on being unlike anything else and we like it that way. 

We create culturally relevant pieces for the unapologetically passionate, creative and independent. We're not afraid to do us. Just like Detroit, we never back down and we don't quit. We are #NotSorryAF. We create for those that embody Detroit style. Those that define their own normal and are uncomfortable in the boxes. We are more than a brand, we're revolution. 

We're about that local life. Our handmade apparel is produced by a local manufacturer and our upcycled gear is curated from pieces we find & recreate. All of our screens and patchwork are DIY. We value our community and believe that it's possible to create dope shit in the city we love with people we care about. So that’s what we decided to do.

We’re Not Sorry Apparel.